Bay Building Group are proud to deliver a broad range of both domestic and commercial projects to the highest possible standard across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Here are a number of our projects that have been recently completed.


Linx Restoration Services were called out to the St Clements Anglican Church in Kingston Tasmania, a town on the outskirts of Hobart, after flash floods tore through the area in May 2018. The Church has been a central meeting point in this town since it was built in 1894. Recently, a second, more modern church was built alongside it, which is the church that received the damage in this storm. our technicians implemented a quick drying plan, involving strategically placed air movers, dehumidifiers and axial fans.
They assessed the church and created a plan to use extra resources to make sure that the drying result was achieved in a quick amount of time. The total drying area reached 3285m3 so there was lots of area to cover. There was a total of 11 affected areas throughout the church including the main hall, informal sitting/meeting area, office and children’s play room.

Project Value: $62,500
Location: Kingston, TAS
Date: May 2018
Project Type: CAT III & Class IV
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Grafton, New South Wales was hit with an enormous hail storm, resulting in damaged roofing to the Grafton Regional Industrial Complex. The hail damage created a large impact on the industrial complex’s day to day operations. Bay Building Services were called in to coordinate a range of trades to ensure that the roof could be restored without affect to the tenants of the complex. The complex is home to thirty tenants, so works were implemented to ensure the tenants could continue their day to day functions and avoid any business insurance claims. This was also a hazardous project for the team as there was a great deal of asbestos throughout the complex. With such a dedicated team, the entire replacement of the roof (including asbestos removal and clean-up) was completed in a thee month window, with minimum disruption to the tenants and shop owners.

Project Value: $2.23m
Location: Grafton, NSW
Date: April 2018
Project Type: Roof Restoration (Asbestos)
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Hay Processing Plant

A major fire at the BALCO hay bale processing plant in regional South Australia resulted not only in millions of dollars’ worth of damages to the plant but also devastated the surrounding farming community and export markets that relied on the hay to feed their dairy cows. Once appointed Bay Building Major Projects proceeded with a full demolition of 6670m2 original building where numerous cranes were used including one that was required to hold 95 tonnes to move baling equipment. Strong winds, extreme heat, size of the site and specialist equipment being used made the works challenging.

Project Value: $8.5m
Location: Bowmans, SA
Date: March 2018
Project Type: Restoration of Processing Plant
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West Maling House, Penshurst

The heritage listed West Maling house in Penshurst was damaged following severe storms in New South Wales. This beautiful Tudor Style Heritage Building was built circa 1888. During the storms a number of the original roof tiles became dislodged and due to the age of the building, it sustained internal water damage as well as damage to some of the roof battens.
The Bay Building Services NSW team worked closely with all parties involved to ensure that the rectification works completed to approximately 105m2 roof complied with all regulations and requirements for this heritage listed building.  All works were arranged so that the centre remained fully operational throughout.

Project Value: $180k
Location: Penshurst, NSW
Date: September 2017
Project Type: Heritage Listed House
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