Fire caused by underfloor heating caused extensive damage to 75% of this beautiful residential home. The Bay Building Major Projects team were brought in to complete not only the reinstatement of this high end home but to complete private works as well. Asbestos was identified at the original inspection and specialist removal was organised at commencement of works. Once removed, demolition began on the unsalvageable areas of the home. The home is 3 storeys, which required scaffolding to complete exterior works and to reinstate floor/ceiling to the ground bedroom internally. The Major Projects Team assisted in completing private works to facilitate the architect’s design and finishes. Private works included painting level one, plaster and painting to level two, high end finishes to the kitchen and eastern bathroom, replacement of flooring in bedroom and roof structure as per engineer’s report.

Project Value: $678,000
Location: Belair, SA
Date: November 2019
Project Type: Fire Damage Reinstatement


The heritage listed West Maling house in Penshurst was damaged following severe storms in New South Wales. This beautiful Tudor Style Heritage Building was built circa 1888. During the storms a number of the original roof tiles became dislodged and due to the age of the building, it sustained internal water damage as well as damage to some of the roof battens.
The Bay Building Services NSW team worked closely with all parties involved to ensure that the rectification works completed to approximately 105m2 roof complied with all regulations and requirements for this heritage listed building.  All works were arranged so that the centre remained fully operational throughout.They assessed the church and created a plan to use extra resources to make sure that the drying result was achieved in a quick amount of time. The total drying area reached 3285m3 so there was lots of area to cover. There was a total of 11 affected areas throughout the church including the main hall, informal sitting/meeting area, office and children’s play room.

Project Value: $180k
Location: Penshurst, NSW
Date: September 2017
Project Type: Heritage Listed House


As a result of a lighting strike to this property, causing a devastating fire to break out, the Bay Building Services Perth team were appointed to carry out extensive reinstatement works to this domestic residence.

Building repairs for this property included comprehensive internal and external reinstatement works, with a large focus on roof and ceiling repairs, along with the carpentry, cabinetry and electrical works throughout the property.

Project Value: $170k
Location: Canning Vale, WA
Date: June 2015
Project Type: Domestic


A devastating accidental blaze started by a wayward fireplace ember resulted in extensive fire damage to a family home on Walnut Avenue, Mildura. Consequently the entire house required extensive demolition and rebuilding, including 25% of the roof frame. Having just sold the property, the fire was particularly distressing for the owner as it resulted in the sale being cancelled.

Project Value: $177,000
Location: Mildura, VIC
Date: August 2014
Project Type: Residential


As a result of extensive fire damage to this residential home, Bay Building Services Major Projects were appointed to demolish and rebuild the majority of this house including the entire second floor of the home.

Project Value: $350,000
Location: Knoxfield, VIC
Date: January 2013
Project Type: Domestic


As a result of extensive fire damage, Bay Building Group were appointed to carry out the repairs of these town houses in Westmeadows. Both of our companies were involved in restoring and rebuilding three townhouses, with Bay Building Services carrying out the rebuild work whilst Linx Contents Services carried out restoration services.

Project Value: $600,000
Location: Westmeadows, VIC
Date: November 2012
Project Type: Domestic