Bay Building Group are proud to deliver a broad range of both domestic and commercial projects to the highest possible standard across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Here are a number of our projects that have been recently completed.

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8 Storey Apartment Complex

Bay Building Services had been set the task of carrying out the replacement of the defective roof and wall metal wall cladding of this 8 storey high rise residential unit block.  A major feature of the site which required significant planning consideration was a large 200 year old fig tree positioned at the front corner of the block and overshadowing the front driveway. As the site falls within the Brisbane city council, the tree has a V.P.O (vegetation protection order), prohibiting any damage or pruning occurring to the tree. Street closures and a 45 tonne city crane were required to navigate the materials around the tree and onto the 26 meter high loading bay. The complexities of the site access and scaffolding design in no way overshadowed the complexity of the roofing works. With 8 sections of roofing being replaced and 5 elevations of wall cladding, we saw the need for numerous elements of scaffolding needing to be built directly onto the roof.

Project Value: $403k
Location: Kangaroo Point, QLD
Date: February 2019
Project Type: Residential Unit Block
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King’s Self Storage

The King’s Self Storage Warehouse suffered significant damage to the roofing and roof frame following a strong wind event. As the building was over 25m high with no internal levels, access was difficult, further complicated due to the adjoining buildings. It was not possible to remove or relocate contents internally, continual onsite management and extraction of rainwater entering the building was required. In addition, fall arrest trapeze netting was installed under the roof opening to ensure optimum safety to trades completing the overhead roof works. The team accessed the affected roof areas by using cranes, man boxes and skilled climbers. They worked to remove the damaged roofing and complete rectification works. The team had the facility back to its daily operations within 2 weeks enabling further works to the remainder of the roof.

Project Value: $330k
Location: Thomastown, VIC
Date: August 2018
Project Type: Large Scale Make Safe
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Hay Processing Plant

A major fire at the BALCO hay bale processing plant in regional South Australia resulted not only in millions of dollars’ worth of damages to the plant but also devastated the surrounding farming community and export markets that relied on the hay to feed their dairy cows. Once appointed Bay Building Major Projects proceeded with a full demolition of 6670m2 original building where numerous cranes were used including one that was required to hold 95 tonnes to move baling equipment. Strong winds, extreme heat, size of the site and specialist equipment being used made the works challenging.

Project Value: $8.5m
Location: Bowmans, SA
Date: March 2018
Project Type: Restoration of Processing Plant
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West Maling House, Penshurst

The heritage listed West Maling house in Penshurst was damaged following severe storms in New South Wales. This beautiful Tudor Style Heritage Building was built circa 1888. During the storms a number of the original roof tiles became dislodged and due to the age of the building, it sustained internal water damage as well as damage to some of the roof battens.
The Bay Building Services NSW team worked closely with all parties involved to ensure that the rectification works completed to approximately 105m2 roof complied with all regulations and requirements for this heritage listed building.  All works were arranged so that the centre remained fully operational throughout.

Project Value: $180k
Location: Penshurst, NSW
Date: September 2017
Project Type: Heritage Listed House
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