Trades Portal

New Trades Portal is live!

Our new trades portal is ready for all of our Trades in our Direct Insurance and EOL Teams nationally.

Phase 1 (QLD, NSW & ATC) is already active and Phase 2 (VIC, TAS, SA & WA) date TBC for 2024

Trades need to register their users for access to receive work. No users, no work! 

1. To request new users please contact BBG IT on (03) 6185 3614 or email with your new users full name, email address, ABN #, Company name and if they are to be set up as a Manager or Reports only.  Please note generic or shared logins will not work so please request individual accounts.

2. Your users will receive an email to set them up as a user. Please use the BBG Trade Portal Work Instruction – Log into Crunchwork (below in the training section) to set up and access the trades portal

3. Once your users have received confirmation that set up was successful, click here for the link to Crunchwork, the new Trade Portal, or paste this url in your Microsoft Edge web browser –

If you have any questions, please contact our procurement team on


If you are a confirmed Phase 1 or 2 Trade and you have nominated your users, use the system url and  your nominated email address to access the system.

Please note the password is your email password. We do not have access to this password and if you change this in the future, you may be required to re-enter it again here.

If you are unsure that you have been set up as a user, please check with your company admin to confirm that you have been nominated as a user. When nominated by your company, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account.

  • Please use the email provided by your organisation to sign into the portal. 
  • Confirm the email address with your business admin / champion.
  • Ensure that you are logging in with this email. If you access the microsoft environment with another email address this may be the default email. Please try logging in using incognito mode. 
    1. On your Edge web browser, select the elypsis on the top right hand corner (… 3 dots)
    2. Select ‘New InPrivate window’
    3. A new InPrivate tab will open. Try accessing the Trades Portal now

A whole host of training material is available in the section above including manuals, work instructions, cheat sheets and videos. This material will be available online here for you at any time.

Here is the link

You will also receive an email notification of any new works allocated. This will include a link to Crunchwork.

We have created these FAQ’s as a start based off feedback from our trades.

Our procurement team can be contacted to assist and can be contacted on

Your local team will also receive training on your portal so they can help with system questions.

You may be zoomed in too much. The system is best viewed at 100% in the edge browser.

Using the elypsis on the top right-hand side of the edge browser (3 dots …); check the zoom is at 100%, any bigger and the display will compact so they are unable to see the status button.

When you have accepted work, invoices will appear as an ‘asset’ in the job.

Complete and submit your invoice with (or after) you have completed your required vendor completion report (or specialist report).

This will trigger the BBG Team to complete QA. Once the QA check has been completed by job manager on works, you will be able to submit your invoice (if not already submitted with your report).

Once submitted, our Finance Team will work to schedule payment. The  status of your invoice in the assets tab will display as ‘Approved pending payment’

You can also review the status of your invoice on your dashboards. 

The new Trades Portal is being released in phases starting in August 2023. 

During the transition, you may need to work on both systems (BBGConnect Trades Portal & Crunchwork Vendor Portal). Our aim is to complete existing work allocations in the existing portal and allocate new work through the new portal.

Our teams are also transitioning (divisions & geographical) in phases. If you receive work across divisions or states, you may receive work allocations in both portals until these too are transitioned.