Staff Profile – Vladimir Dragosavljevic

Staff Spotlight: Vladimir Dragosavljevic (Supervisor – BBS NSW)

My role within Bay Building Group

As a supervisor at Bay Building my role is to ensure we meet our strict KPIs as set out by our clients. I do this by working closely with our sub-contractors to ensure that the full scope of works is understood prior to works commencing. I liaise with our client and insureds in regards to start times and completion dates. This insures we are on the same page. I also have a strong obligation in high risk work to abide by all relevant OH&S guidelines. I am also responsible for delivering jobs in a cost effective way to our clients. I do this by communicating to not only my estimator but to my PC to provide a true figure on works.

My approach to the role is always proactive and never reactive. Be on the forefront never on the back foot.  

My journey to Bay Building Group
I previously worked for a smaller residential builder and I moved into a more secure role. Since that change I have been with the company for 17 months and going strong. Whilst working within the company I have made tremendous strides in not only my understanding on how the whole insurance side of the building industry operates but I have had strong career progression going from a Project Co-Ordinator to a supervisor. Not holding a trade licenses I had to rely on my education to fill in the gaps and continue to update this as standards and legislation changes.

Reflecting back on the months I’ve been with Bay, I don’t think many can say that they had a big jump in roles so quickly. I think it’s fair to attribute this to my work ethic and management’s belief in my skills. 

Greatest piece of career advice I have ever received was…
“A problem ALWAYS has a solution, if there is no solution, then there is no problem”

We stress out ourselves too much when it comes to issues at work. We lose sight of the most simple solutions. Take an optimistic approach to work, it will greatly reduce stress as well as let you think clearly and help get you thinking critically.


The trends my job/industry face in the future are…

The building/construction industry is always working towards innovative construction methods which are more affordable and environmental friendly. I see technology playing and enormous role in getting the industry to that point of zero carbon footprint or at least be carbon natural. With newer developments seeing a significant change especially in Australia with an increase use of rain water around the house/factories. As well as the development and implementing building sustainability ratings like the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA).  I think it is headed in the right direction with smarter factories, homes and other infrastructure able to be self-sufficient in a world with a large population and scarce resources.

As a supervisor I do see my role moving towards larger jobs only. As the skills and understanding of the Project Co-ordinators increase tied with the clients tightening on costs. I do think the need to have supervisors on small jobs will be a thing of the past. Where one door closes another one opens!

Why I choose to work Bay Building Group

I choose to work at Bay Building because of the like-minded people working towards a common goal of been the largest and most trusted insurance builder. Having a common goal makes working with your colleagues a lot easier and rewarding. 

I think many of the workplace issues arise from this disconnect between colleagues not seeing the common goal. This disconnect needs to be bridged to facilitate a healthy workplace environment and produce proactive employees.