FAQ – Where to from here?

At Bay Building Services, your local insurance builder, we have over 30 years of experience, and you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to insurance building and we are here to make the insurance repair process as easy as possible for you. We work closely with Australia’s leading insurers to return homes and business to their previous condition as quickly as possible. Every claim is different but to assist you we have put together an overview outlining what you can expect moving forward.

1. Claim lodgement

We have been appointed to quote and/or report on the recent damage to your property. A member of our team will be in contact shortly to organise a suitable time for one of our experienced Building Estimators to attend your property.

2. Estimator booked

Our Building Estimator will attend your property to quote and/or report on any insurance related repairs. In some cases you may also be contacted by other builders who have also been asked to quote and/or report on these repairs.

3. Quote submitted

Our Estimator will submit their quote directly to the relevant party for their consideration and approval.(Relevant party may be an Insurer, Loss Adjuster, Insurance Broker or Body Corporate Manager) It is important to note that the quoted scope of works (list of repairs) will only include repairs that are directly related to the event being claimed for.

4. Quote approved

If our quote is approved we will contact you to move forward with your repairs. Please note – approval times may vary based upon the relevant party listed above and the value of your claim.

5. Building Supervisor or Coordinator allocated

We will allocate a Building Supervisor or Coordinator to manage the repairs at your property. They will be your primary point of contact for the duration of repairs and will arrange an initial consultation to take you through your entire Scope of Works. They will also provide estimated repair commencement and completion dates.

6. Contract of works/Excess payment

In some cases you may be issued with a building contract prior to works commencing which requires your authorisation. If you are issued with such a contract, legally we require you to sign and return this document to us PRIOR to any works commencing. If there is an excess applicable to your policy, we may be instructed to collect this on behalf of your insurance company. We require payment of this excess prior to works commencing.

7. Notice of completion

Upon conclusion of repairs at your property you will be required to sign and return a Notice of Completion confirming that all repairs have been carried out to your satisfaction.

8. Customer feedback

As Bay Building Services are constantly striving to monitor and improve our repair quality, customer service and overall communication, we encourage you to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey and provide us with your honest feedback.


What if I require temporary or emergency repairs before my claim is approved?

Please contact our 24 hour emergency number 1300 766 216 and either our Customer Service team or on call supervisor will be able to talk you through the process of arranging emergency repairs.

Why are multiple estimators contacting me to view my property?

Many insurance companies have an internal policy of obtaining two or more quotes for each claim. This is to ensure that they are getting the most competitive quote for the required repairs.

How long will it be until I receive any further communication/information following the visit from your estimator?

The approval process can vary greatly in time depending upon the parties involved therefore we tend to give a general estimate that you should receive communication within approximately 5-10 days of the estimator’s visit.

Why do I need to pay my excess to the builder and not to my insurance company?

Your insurance company has requested we collect the excess on their behalf prior to works proceeding, this amount is then deducted from our final invoice issued to your insurance company. This is standard practice with most insurance companies.

When will works commence?

Once your claim is approved, you have signed the builder’s contract (where applicable) and paid the excess (where applicable), we will contact you to discuss the schedule of repairs and advise which trades will be attending your property and when.

What if there are additional damages not included on my Scope of Works?

You will be able to discuss these repairs with your Repair Coordinator or on-site Building Supervisor, and if they are determined to be covered under your policy, they can be included as part of the Scope of Works at a later stage.

My reinstatement works have commenced, who can I speak to regarding an update on the status of my claim?

Your personal Repair Coordinator or Building Supervisor can be contacted by calling them directly on their contact details provided or via our 24 hour number 1300 766 216. Please have your job reference number ready as it will assist us in providing timely information with regard to your repairs. (Please do not call the original estimator who quoted on your repairs once works have commenced).

How long will my reinstatement works take?

At the commencement of repairs, you will receive an indicative schedule for the reinstatement works. These times will vary dependant on the availability of materials, trades and weather conditions.

Are you able to assist with Maintenance Repairs?

In some cases Bay Building Services will be able to assist you in carrying out maintenance repairs or finding trades to carry out these repairs. Please contact your Repair Coordinator or onsite Building Supervisor to discuss in more detail.

What if I want additional repairs (private works) carried out at the time of my insurance repairs?

It may be an option to have additional work completed simultaneously to your insurance repairs. Please contact your Repair Coordinator or on-site Building Supervisor to discuss as they will be able to advise if this is an option and organise a quote for your consideration. This can also be discussed with your estimator at the time of their initial inspection.