Thank you for allowing our site representative to attend your property to inspect the damages under your insurance claim.

Below you will find some answers to common questions, and also the profiles of the estimators who form part of our National Estimating Team.




How does it work?

To conduct the inspection, we send one of our site representatives to your property to assess the damage and help to determine the cause.

When they attend your property, they will connect with an estimator from our National Estimating Team via a video link, show them the damages and provide the necessary information to complete a report and scope of works.

Once they’ve done that, our estimator will call you to explain the next steps.

Who was it that attended?

Depending on the type of claim, we always look to send the most relevant site representative to conduct the assessment. This helps to reduce any inconvenience to you and the need to send multiple people.

The site representative may be one of our supervisors, assessors, a roofer, a plumber, an electrician or similar specialist. Though we do everything we can to avoid a follow-up visit, sometimes it becomes necessary and we’ll let you know if this is the case.

As we engage a number of site representatives across Australia, it’s impossible for us to list every one of them here. However, if you would like to provide any feedback on their site attendance, please contact us on 1300 766 216.

Who is the estimator looking after my claim?

During our site attendance, the site representative would have introduced you to the estimator looking after your claim.

We have included an introduction to our estimators below to help you know who you’re dealing with.

What happens if you miss something?

One of the features of estimating the way we do is that we have two sets of eyes on the assessment, therefore reducing the chance of something being missed. By recording the video and audio, it also means that we can go back to review the assessment in case we notice anything missing.

However, if you forgot to show us something, reach out to the estimator as they may be able to connect with you directly via video rather than sending someone out again.

How fast is the process?

When there aren’t any major weather events and once we have all of the information needed to complete the report and scope, in over 90% of cases we submit this to the insurance company within one business day.

What happens after that depends on the process we follow for your insurance company. We will let you know the next steps when the estimator calls you.

Is my information secure?

Whilst we take photographs and record the video and audio during our assessment, we do this only for the purposes of training and verification.

If you are not comfortable with this, please let us know.

Your insurance company also includes information about how your personal information is handled within the Product Disclosure Statement and may also have their own privacy policies. Should you wish to obtain a copy of these, please contact your insurance company directly.

If you would like to view the Bay Building Group privacy policy, please click here.




Our National Estimating Team comprises of a number of experienced staff with skills ranging from claim management, loss adjusting and estimating, through to engineering, restoration and construction. By having a broad base of experience, we’re able to work together to achieve a high standard of reporting and scoping.

Though all of our estimators are experienced in working across all states and territories, we are also supported by an extended network of local estimators in our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. So from Noosa Heads to Busselton, and Huonville to Gawler, we know Australia through-and-through.

You can contact our National Estimating Team on 1300 766 216 between 8.30am to 5.00pm, Australia-wide.



With almost twenty years of experience in the insurance industry spanning from national claims management, loss adjusting and estimating, Richard brings to Bay Building Group a wealth of knowledge and experience. From the metropolitan regions of the eastern seaboard to the vast deserts of Western Australia, Richard enjoys restoring homes and businesses affected by natural disasters such as storms, cyclones and floods. Richard is also a member of the IICRC, and engages his qualifications in restoration to ensure a streamlined outcome on claims.   



Commencing his career in New York in building and contents restoration, Oz has developed a thorough understanding of loss mitigation techniques as well as construction methodology and pricing. Oz has also responded to the catastrophic flooding in Hobart in 2018. Oz is driven to help people through a difficult period and to deliver the best possible customer service.



Sam began his career in the insurance industry with a major national insurer, before delving into construction with Bay Building Group. During his working life, Sam has always been focused on customer satisfaction and ensuring the best service is delivered. Within his role, he prides himself in delivering fast, effective service on all of his jobs and the opportunity to tackle the changing circumstances of each claim to achieve a great outcome.



After completing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Haider has worked as a site engineer where he was actively involved in the planning phase, delivering tenders and quantity estimation for several infrastruction projects. He further completed his Masters in Structural Engineering and very much enjoys scoping studies, conceptual and detailed design, insurance building, construction and quality assurance management.



Having achieved a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Ali was deployed to several major public infrastructure projects before furthering his studies at Swinburne University and graduating with a Masters in Engineering Science (Civil Structures). Ali thoroughly enjoys the technical aspect of construction and estimating, though is very much encouraged by the ability to apply this knowledge and help others out in their time of need.



Hamed has over four decades of hands-on experience across residential, commercial and industrial construction sites supervising projects up to $500,000, and engages his experience to ensure a detailed and accurate outcome on assessments. On top of this, he is also a qualified electrician. Hamed enjoys working in a restoration environment and seeing customer’s homes and business recover from loss or damage.